Kind of got the winter, kind of injured, kind of meh, blues

I don’t enjoy winter. Despite living in the UK and Ireland all my life, I never really have reconciled myself to the reality of our winters. The damp, grey, dark. The mud. The fact that the sun rarely is seen. The way it feels so much colder than it should because everything is damp and dripping.

I’ve been sort of injured. I don’t really know what it is: a dull ache in my lower legs, worse on the left, feeling weak. The leg sometimes almost gives way. I’ve had a few bad runs where I’ve struggled a lot. I got a bad blister where, obviously, my gait had changed to accommodate whatever has been going on. I went to the physio, who prescribed tight piriformis and ITB, gave me various stretches. Then I tried to do the first cross country race of the season, fell in a rabbit hole after only 1 kilometer, went over on my ankle, and limped home.

So, pity me, I’m a pity party! It isn’t so bad that I can’t run. But when I do run, it hurts enough to blunt my enjoyment. Something isn’t quite right. Luckily I can cycle without pain, and am enjoying that a lot. I am still running, but with lower intensity and shorter distances, to see if I can simply out run whatever is causing this leg pain. My theory is it will either get worse and I’ll have to stop, or it will get better. My one fear is starting marathon training in January with the pain still present. So, if it isn’t gone soon, I guess I will have to start taking it a bit more seriously.

On the other hand, the trees are pretty around here! 12003994_10153251169701693_5953483094468602496_n