First weeks of marathon training

I thought I’d share my training plan for the London Marathon, 14 weeks formal training, with a few races in between. I’ve actually already done two 20 mile runs and the first week of January was over 100k, so I’ve scheduled the third week as a cut back week. I was exchausted for my long run on Friday 13th, but gritted through and recovered by sleeping nearly 10 hours! I know it gets easier. I KNOW! 

I raced a really tough 10k Sunday 8th. It was basically 5k downhill, and 5k straight back up. On the road. In the rain. Off of over 90k of running that week. It hurt but was encouraging that I didn’t crash too badly. That came after, when my stomach gave up the ghost and I spent the following seven hours with crippling colitis. I think it is lack of race conditioning and my stomach was just not used to going hard. It hopefully will get used to it!

New year new thoughts 

It’s been a strange year. I ran a lot, got injured a lot, won a few races, spent time in the mountains, and learned a few things about myself and the world. The news is bleak and it is tempting to create a bubble around myself and my life. I’m happiest when I’m running, but I’m scared of building my identity around something that can be taken away in a flash. 

Learning to forgive myself for not being perfect. Learning to be as good as I can be, but not berating myself for falling short. Learning that it’s ok to eat, but trying not to eat when I don’t need to. Learning that I might not be the fastest or the strongest but I can be fast and strong in relation to myself. That my worth is more than low body fat, and that the fact that this makes me feel satisfied is not healthy. 

A block of training lies ahead: I’m going to be tired, I’m going to struggle at times. I will be ok. I will listen to my body and try not to let it get injured again. I will not force it to the point of exhaustion. I will accept help and appreciate what I have. I will show my love and enjoy my world. I will stop comparing myself unfavourably to others. I will shut up the voice that tells me I’m lazy, slow, fat, ugly, unworthy. I’m strong, determined, caring, free. 

Happy new year.